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A turn-key solution for Cross-chain and privacy
A turn-key, Layer 2 privacy solution for cross-chain transactions and asset management based on Zero-knowledge (zk) Roll-Ups. With Zecrey’s L2 protocol you can easily manage, swap and bridge assets across multiple chains, all while knowing your transactions are private and protected from malicious arbitrageurs.
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Zecrey is a zk-rollup based Layer 2 protocol bringing crosschain support and privacy to your digital assets. The two major problems facing the blockchain community: Lack of Privacy & Isolation in a diverse multi-chain ecosystem. Zecrey protocol addresses this with two core functionalities: Cross-chain Bridge & DEX-Based Asset Swap where your transactions are not privy to the public eye.

Zecrey provides a reliable and safe crosschain solution, with its security rooted in Layer 1s. And Zecrey is also a well-designed product aggregating assets and liquidity with a user-friendly wallet as an entrance to multiple blockchains.

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Introducing the Zecrey Protocol

Central Hub for your Digital Assets

You have at your finger tips the ability to view, manage and aggregate all your digital assets across various blockchains with Zecrey's wallet. Gone are the days where you need to go through different websites and wallets to see all of your digital assets.

How to use Zecrey Multi-chain Wallet?
Multiple Purposes

Not just a wallet. With Zecrey you can transfer, swap, stake, and much more across different blockchains with a high level of privacy and transaction speed thanks to a layer-2 architecture based on zk-rollup.

Create a Swap transaction in a private AMM DEX. Option to add liquidity as staking for rewards. Any assets on Layer 2 can be used as gas fee.
Conduct transfers to multiple accounts in a single encrypted transaction with a high level of privacy and security.
Earn rewards through Staking and Farming.
Get rewarded by providing liquidity to bridges amongst various Layer 1 blockchains. Unlock assets with a few clicks.
Securely reposition your digital assets from Layer 2 to Layer 1.
Migrate digital assets from Layer 1 to Zecrey's Layer 2 to aggregate assets and benefit from lightining fast transactions, privacy features and much more while still retaining ownership of your digital assets.
Manage your myriad collection of NFTs in one easy to use interface. Can be set as an avatar for your account.
How does Zecrey protect user privacy?
Multi-Layer Ecosystem

Supporting both Layer 1 & 2 Networks, users taking advantage of Zecrey's robust ecosystem will have all of their bases covered. Managing & aggregating multi-chain assets, NFTs, Blockchain games, DEX/OTC services, and Payment solutions are just a few clicks away.

Privacy Wallet Extension
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Zecrey Web Application
Streamlined Experience Simple, Yet Robust
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Zecrey Mobile
Abilities at Your Fingertips
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The Zecrey roadmap indicates our major milestones, including a summary of Zecrey development, a set of functionalities to be delivered.

Contract Auditing Layer-1 Mainnet NFTs
Layer-2 MainnetZecrey App Chain Testnet
Zecrey App Chain Mainnet Private Payment Integration
App Chain Ecosystem

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Zecrey team is dedicated to globalization development of the project. In our communities, developers and users are at liberty to communicate with each other about Zecrey, acquire the latest progress of the project, get knowledge of the technology background, and even discuss the technical details with the development team.

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